Conjuring up a plan to get noticed by design kingpins. ilovedust. I created a 3D woodcut sculpture that plays on the agency’s unique logo.

Stumbling across ilovedust (ILD) on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with their work and image. From working with some of the world’s biggest brands, to pushing the boundaries of creativity, I knew this was an agency I wanted to get in bed with.

Thinking of a way to get ILD’s attention, an idea sprung to mind: create a three-dimensional woodcut sculpture out of their unique skull/lightbulb logo.

Being no stranger to the sculpting game, I pulled inspiration from my previous woodcut projects and broke the ILD logo into 2 layers: the skull layer and the lightbulb layer. Since these layers were more-or-less exact traces from the original logo, I needed to add a personal touch.

Introducing a third middle layer to the sculpture allowed me to achieve the extra detail I was after. Since the new layer was to sit in behind the skull layer, I wanted it to symbolise the brains and vision behind ILD.

The brains are illustrated by the wavy shape at the top of the layer, while the creative vision/senses are symbolised by the cut out shapes below the skull’s eyes and nose.

The sculpture is assembled together using a series of nuts, spacers and washers. The addition of a hanging hook also allows the piece to be easily hung on a wall.

Check out the ILD site here.