What happens when you stick 6 Kiwis in a 1979 Ford RV for 3 weeks in the USA? The most epic road trip ever!

I’ve done a few good road trips in my time, but the one through the USA was definitely the best. After finishing up my 1 year working visa in Canada, me and 5 other rowdy Kiwis decided to invest in an RV and have a boys tour through the States.

We managed to pick up a 1979 Ford Okanagan from Vancouver for $1800CAD, which was an absolute steal considering how good condition it was in. With our new ride registered and insured we set off from Whistler Canada and crossed the border into the States. Oh, and we named the RV Gary.

Our first major stop was Seattle which I thought had a cool grungy vibe. We checked out the EMP museum which had a heap of Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain memorabilia, including their smashed Stratocasters which was right up my alley. From Seattle we then made our way down towards Oregon and made our way out to the west coast’s 101 highway that follows the coastline all the way to LA. The drive from here down to LA was my favourite part of the trip, with my favourite spots being Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, which had a chilled surfy vibe.

After the west coast and a weeks wages spent on Wallmart booze, we then drove out to Vegas where the body and wallet took another hammering. 4 nights there was definitely fun, but definitely enough! We then continued to the Grand Canyon where the drunken navigator – everyone bar the driver – lead us around the top of the Canyon instead of the bottom.

We then went on to check out Phoenix, San Diego, went across the border to Tijuana Mexico, and then headed back up to LA where we checked out some theme parks before ending the trip.

The trip took 3 weeks in total, with all 6 of us sleeping in the RV every night apart from our stay in Vegas – it got pretty damn smelly when we’d gone 3 days without a shower at some points! We managed to break up our stays so we’d have a night or 2 at an RV park every few days, which gave us a chance to srub up and wash our clothes.

Unfortunately we couldn’t sell our Canadian registered RV in LA so it had to go to the wreckers. RIP Gary.