Boats, paddles, beer, rivers and good company is all you need for a day out in Whistler.

With summer quickly approaching while I was in Whistler Canada, me and my flatmates were wisely informed that we needed to do the ‘river of golden dreams’. While the name sounded dodgy, it was explained to us as a cruise down a specific river in a blowup Explorer 200 boat with a box of beer as company… sign me up please.

We each bought our own Explorer 200 (paddle included) from the hardware store in Function Junction, along with our beer of choice and headed to the launching point of this infamous river. Things escalated rather quickly as drinking in the sun usually does and before you knew it we were all over the show down this river.

We got in the way of a few unimpressed canoers and a couple of the Explorers suffered punctures, but overall it was an awesome and memorable experience, from what I remember – good thing I filmed it! Definitely give it a go if you’re in Whistler in the summer.