Transforming an old dusty lightbox into a unique woodcut art piece.

In my time at Emotive Design I was asked to have a think about what we could replace the poster with inside the lightbox which sat in the entranceway to our office – this was an open brief, so I was free to get as creative as possible.

After doing some research and sketches about some possible poster graphics, I suddenly had an epiphany. I had recently completed one of my side projects which was a 3D woodcut sculpture and thought, what could I do to create something similar. I set out sketching some ideas of how I could create a 3D structure that would both, represent the business visually, and how it would fit inside the lightbox. I decided to use the ‘e’ from the Emotive logo as the primary focus of the piece and convert it into a series of layers. The ‘e’ would then sit in behind some diagonally shaped layers influenced from Emotive’s business card design – creating a ‘revealing’ effect.

The next step was measuring up the lightbox and working out how many layers of plywood I could squeeze inside. I then had to calculate how the layers would all be sized and assembled together. After working out the dimensions and discussing it with the team, my colleague Gavin had a great idea to space out each plywood layer with slotted wooden blocks that would be positioned in multiple spots around the piece, holding it all together.

After receiving the freshly cut and branded plywood layers the final touch was to apply some stain to every alternating piece to create some contrast and depth to the design. The piece was then assembled and mounted inside the lightbox.

Although one of the purposes with this sculpture was to allow the bulbs inside the lightbox to pass light through the gaps in between each layer of plywood to create some interesting effects. The light unfortunately didn’t quite have the strength we were hoping for, but never the less, the end result looked great.