Branding, Website Design, Photography

Requiring the full arsenal of creative skills, The Bungalow Bed & Breakfast was born.

The Bungalow Bed & Breakfast is a business my parents started up in Cromwell, New Zealand. Like any business these days, a brand presence and website are usually mandatory, and that’s when I came into the picture.

Starting with the brand identity I did some research and logo sketches to flesh out what type of aesthetic would be appropriate for a B&B. I then proceeded to develop the best logo concepts in Illustrator.

As with most of my ideas, the first one is usually the best. This idea featured a simplified illustration of the entranceway into the B&B, designed in clean and linear style that looks both contemporary and approachable, complimenting the slab serif typography and the house’s architecture.

The next step was to design the website which was kept clean and simple to keep development costs to a minimum. I had to work with my parents to nut out all the content and then decide what the most effective and easy to understand way of communicating the business would be.

I also took on all the photography for the website which can be read about here.

Visit the website here