Photographing interiors, exteriors and food – there's a first time for everything.

While I was in the process of designing a website for my parents new bed and breakfast business ‘The Bungalow’, one of the requirements was to capture some imagery of their B&B – not only for the website, but for other mediums as well. This was my first attempt at taking on some house photography, so I did the research and took my time getting the shots that I thought would sell the business well.

The images required ranged from exterior and interior shots of the house, through to food photography and close up detail shots. The interior shots were the most difficult as my 18-135mm lens meant I had to ram my tripod tightly into the corner of each room to get as much of it in the shot as possible. I experimented with long exposures to give the rooms a warm and soft feel.

I believe this was my first attempt at photographing food as well, but it didn’t take much researching to find that using natural light to light the back or sides of the dish would give me the appealing look I was going for – thanks uncle Google!

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