Invercargill Brewery wanted a t-shirt design for their Stanley Green Pale Ale – I was called in for duty.

While I was working at Emotive Design, Invercargill Brewery approached us asking us to come up with some ideas for a t-shirt design. The t-shirt was to be for the Stanley Green pale ale that they have in their range of beers. It was intended to be produced as a merchandise item, which would be sold in their retail store.

Since I was basing the design on the existing Stanley Green beer label, coming up with some ideas was a pretty smooth process. The beer label features an image of a soldier who happens to be the head brewer’s maternal grandfather ‘Lance Corporal Stanley Green’, who served and died during WWII in a training exercise.

With the beer’s military theme in mind I put pencil to paper and drilled out some ideas. The concepts that I thought worked best were developed further in Illustrator and then presented to the client for selection.

The chosen t-shirt design consists of an army boot print in bright orange on a khaki coloured t-shirt, which matches the colours on the beer label, giving an immediate military presence. The boot print is made out of beer bottles that form the outer tread pattern, while the inner tread pattern is symbolised with the use of military ranking insignia (arrows). The words ‘Stanley Green’ are locked up in a box device that serves as the boot’s logo.

I also suggested that having the words ‘Lest We Forget’ locked up as a logotype on the sleeve would add a nice touch and enhance the overall quality of the tee – the client loved it and went for it.

Also included are a few images of the other designs I came up with from the development stage.