Branding, Print Design, Web Design

Blending contemporary and rustic aesthetics to reflect on a modern homestead in the countryside.

While working at Emotive Design I was assigned the task of coming up with some logo concepts for a new venue being built in rural Southland, New Zealand. The venue was to be called Paddock 186, and would offer tailored functions, dinning and accommodation.

The venue was set to be a large contemporary modern home, surrounded by rustic barns and outdoor areas in and amongst farmland. With this in mind, I set out to design some ideas which had both a modern and rustic feel to set the ‘modern house in the country’ tone. The final design consisted of a one colour logotype that incased the words ‘Paddock 186’ inside a circle. The logo is also supported by the number ‘186’ in Roman numerals to add a historical/vintage flourish.

The circle logotype is reminiscent of wine bottle and barrel labels, creating a ‘stamped’ feel. I think reflects on the personal, tailored and quality side of the business. The logo gives a contemporary and modern feel through it’s clean typography and use of black on white. The added distress applied the the logo – along with the wine/stamp look, gives it the rustic appeal.

I also designed the business cards for the venue, which I thought would look awesome on a textured uncoated stock with the logo in copper foil. The boss and the client agreed and the end result came out great. The foil and textured stock enhance the rustic appeal, while maintaining a professional look.

Lastly, I needed to design the look for an initial website. It was to feature some basic information about what the venue would offer and when it was due to open. The website is full page responsive design, that features an off-canvas menu and page transitions.

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