Branding, Print Design, Web Design

Completely refreshing the Kings brand, from the shelving to the screen.

Kings Fishmarket were in need of a rebrand while I was working at Emotive Design. The first task I was assigned, was to create a design for the packaging sleeves that they vacuum pack some of their seafood product into. This would also need to be the new core look for future material they were looking to update.

Firstly I came up with the idea of using wooden decking as a backdrop on the packaging sleeves to resemble that of a fishing crate/wharf – giving an authentic feel to the brand. I also needed to consider having a free area on the packaging sleeve to reveal the product, so I thought having a gap in between the wooden planks would be appropriate. I then went a step further with this idea and thought if ice cubes surrounded the product behind the window, it would create the illusion that the product was sitting in ice, making it look fresh and enticing.

I started out with using photoshop to create a wooden texture in tones of white and blue. This would allow elements sitting in the foreground to stand out on the white wood, while the use of blue wood would tie in nicely with the brand blue that Kings were keen to retain – creating a brand theme.

Kings have a retail store in Invercargill New Zealand where they sell their own fresh seafood and fish ‘n’ chips. Taking some initiative we thought we’d mockup a new design for their store that would utilise the new look we had done for their packaging sleeves. I designed up a concept for it, the client loved it, and before you knew it the store had it’s new skin applied.

I then went on to design fliers, signage, labels, posters and other print material utilising the new look to further establish a fresh and consistent brand look. Finally the website needed an overhaul which I again designed utilising the new look, further cementing a deep theme throughout the Kings Fishmarket brand.

I feel really privileged to of worked on all elements of this rebrand which has allowed me to gain valuable experience in creating a consistent brand look, whilst working through a variety of mediums from the ground up.