Dry wit, half wit, full wit, dim wit. What wit are you?

During my period working at Emotive Design, we were briefed with the task of coming up with a series of labels for a range of wheat beers for the Invercargill Brewery. They planned on having 4 different wheat beers that would be named ‘dry wit’, ‘half wit’, ‘full wit’ and ‘dim wit’. The names cleverly play on terms that you would label someone with, as well as using the term ‘wit’, which is more or less how Kiwi’s pronounce the word ‘wheat’.

After brainstorming some ideas and deciding that the designs needed to have an element of quirkiness and character, one idea we came up with was to include the use of owl cartoon characters – we had seen some illustrations of owls during our research that had some hilarious facial expressions. The owls would be illustrated in a way that would allow their expressions to represent the name of each beer.

I started sketching up some ideas and researching some illustration styles for inspiration and eventually nutted out an owl illustration for each beer. Combine with a unique colour scheme for each design and a typeface that tied in to the illustration style, I was pretty stoked with how all the labels came together as a range. I think the bright colours and nature of the illustrations have a funny and quirky tone that would appeal to all wheat beer enthusiasts.

The designs were approved by the Invercargill Brewery but unfortunately were not printed at the time of my employment. I have mocked up the designs as an indication of how they would have turned out.