Skulls, crime, history and moonshine are but a few things that feature in this one-of-a-kind giveaway print.

Briefed simply with the task of creating an artwork for an annual Southland event of my choice, I set out to create a design for the up and coming Hokonui Moonshine Festival. The design would be turned into an art print as a giveaway prize for Emotive Design.

After researching moonshine and it’s illegal brewing history in Southland, I decided to base the core of the design around the hand drawn labels that were used on bottles throughout the 1900’s, which commonly featured a skull and cross bones. I was also largely influenced by the moonshine brewing process which can be seen in the design with use of temperature and pressure gauges, interconnecting lines that represent pipes, and symbols of brewing equipment.

With the finalised design in place, I needed to decide on a substrate to print on. With copper instruments playing an important role in the traditional moonshine brewing process, I decided that using an orange colour scheme printed onto corrugated metal would create a unique representation that would provide some additional symbolism with a rustic feel.