Chalking up a new look for the decorative paint specialists – Heirloom.

A job I was briefed with during my time at Emotive Design was for a local business below our office who were in need of a brand presence and label designs for their decorative paint business called Heirloom.

The decorative paint is a chalk based product that is used to whitewash wooden furniture in a variety of colours. The target market was aimed at mid-late aged woman with an interest in decor and arts and crafts, which meant I needed to get somewhat feminine. I brainstormed up a few attributes that I thought the brand needed, which included; an antique look, flourishes, shabby texture, earthy/pastel colours, fun feel, etc.

The 2 concepts I came up with offered 2 different different looks. One with a more fun, vibrant and energetic design, and the other with a more antique, stencil-like based look. The project didn’t come into fruition before I left Emotive, but the mockups shown give you a good idea of how the labels on the paint tins would have turned out.