Being completely new to the music recording process, this was my first ever attempt creating a track.

I started off by recording a backing track using a simple 3 chord progression in C# minor using my new and shiny Steinberg UR22 interface. I then laid down some bass and created a MIDI drum loop to give some shape. Listening to the backing track I then improvised some lead guitar over the top.

To add some depth and ambience to the track I added in a couple of synths. One synth rings out a C# note throughout the entire song to reinforce the aeolian mode, while the other synth follows and matches the root notes from the chord progression.

In the mixing and mastering stage – with some assistance from Google – I played around with plugins, tweaked levels, and generally just experimented until I found something that I thought sounded decent.

There’s a hell of a lot more to the music recording process than I expected. I largely still have no idea what i’m doing, but the more I keep at it the better the end results will be!