To celebrate the annual Burt Munro Challenge motorcycle event, I created a one-of-a-kind artwork to be a giveaway for one of Emotive Design’s marketing projects.

It all started with a spark of inspiration from the original logo on Burt Munro’s 1920 Indian Scout motorcycle. The idea I had was to recreate the Indian chief’s face and headdress so that he would be facing forwards and popping out of the white pin striped circle. I started off by doing an accurate sketch as to how the composition and style would work, scanned it, and then created a vector version in Adobe Illustrator. From there I added in the words ‘Burt Munro Challenge’ and styled them in a similar fashion to the ‘Munro Special’ writing that supports the logo on the original bike. The next step was to add some distress and realism to the design, so I photographed the original motorcycle at E Hayes and Sons to capture some of the blistering and scratches on the paint to incorporate into the design. The end result showcases the original logo in a new and fresh perspective, while retaining the same look and style to stay true to it’s roots.

The competition to win the artwork was run through which received an excellent response, gaining a total of 1086 entries, allowing Emotive to spread word of the competition through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, reaching fans and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

For the duration of the competition and the Burt Munro Challenge event, Emotive’s good friends at Superframers and The Bank Art Gallery allowed us to display the artwork in their art gallery. They also mounted the A1 sized artwork onto a solid 10mm thick backing board, which provided the piece with a quality professional finish.

I also experimented with printing the design on a couple of alternate substrates, including canvas to see how the design could be reproduced for future use.