ADLIB is a New Zealand fashion label that offers quality designer garments and jewellery. Working closely with designer and owner, Anne Lyon, I redesigned the existing website and rephotographed the product range to adhere to the modern market.

Focussing on creating a visual experience for the user, the website features a contemporary linear style. The style reflects the ADLIB garment collection, with influence from the clothing’s various patterns and designs.

The site’s simple design, featuring a black and white colour scheme, play an important role in presenting the ADLIB collection. The simplicity allows the product photography to stand out and create contrast on each page. By also having a mixture of close up and full product shots across the site, the user is given a comprehensive overview of ADLIB’s style and range.

Communicating ADLIB’s products and services is prevalent throughout the website. Bites of information and links allow the viewer to logically progress between pages, creating a seamless and informative user experience.

Check out the ADLIB site here.