In the 10 months I spent in Whistler Canada, my heli-boarding experience was definitely one of the highlights – fresh lines in knee deep powder all day – take me back!

Working for Whistler Blackcomb allowed me to get a half price deal through Whistler Heli-Skiing during the January period, which ended up costing around $500CAD – an awesome deal considering the experience. The only catch was that you needed a full helicopter to ensure you got the $500 deal, which wasn’t too difficult to arrange considering all my colleagues were mad keen skiers and boarders. From memory the deal included 4 runs, which meant you would be dropped at a point and would follow the guide to the bottom of the run, and then would be picked up at the bottom and taken to the next run. We were also given the option to do an extra run at the end for an additional $50 each which we gladly accepted!

Each year during the winter season Whistler Blackcomb has an amateur film festival which gives anyone that’s handy with a camera and editing software a shot at submitting a video in a judged competition. The video could be anything relating to the winter season, it just had to be filmed in Whistler.

During my heli-boarding excursion, myself and a few other people were filming the experience with GoPros and Contour cameras. There was also a camera man about that filmed a couple of our runs. With all this footage, I decided to have a crack at a video edit and enter the competition. This was my first attempt at making a video edit, so there was a fair amount of swearing involved while I got to grips with Adobe Premier Pro, but I managed to crank out an edit during the week before the deadline.

The screening of the festival was at Merlin’s Bar & Grill which had a great turnout, fuelled with beers and nachos. Although my video didn’t make the podium for the prizes, it was awesome to see my video and heli-boarding experience being played in front of an audience.